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Cultivating Compassionate Action
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Compassion for Others: Social Justice and Environmental Protection

As a group and as individuals, we are trying to practice both self compasion and compassion for others. Below you can see some simple ideas for how you can engage both compassionately and effectively.

Take Small Daily Actions

Regularly contact your congress people and policy makers and urge them to support democracy, the environment and social justice worldwide. Here are tools to help you:
  • Write a letter to the editor of the The Daily Olympian or the Seattle Times

  • Use Facebook's new "Town Hall" feature, which makes it easy to contact your local, state and federal officials. (Read more)

  • Contact your Senators and Representative.

  • Sign up with Daily Action Alerts at or visit them on Facebook to receive daily alerts with a quick contact link for congress people and policy makers and background on a current issue.

  • Install the "5 Calls" app on your phone or visit them on Facebook to help you make 5 calls a week. They give contact info, background on issues and suggested scripts for calling your congress people and policy makers. Phone calls and faxes are more effective than emails and letters because our congress people often use them in tallies to prioritize issues.

  • Use ResistBot to send faxes to Congress from your mobile device. Send a TEXT to the number 50409 containing the one word "resist". The bot will text you back with instructions to help you compose your fax. If ResistBot doesn't suggest a topic for you, you might borrow info from Daily Action and 5 Calls to compose your fax. While phone lines get jammed and are only available during work hours, faxes can be sent anytime.

  • Partner with a friend to share letters.

Direct Your Money
  • Boycott Trump family products: Grab Your Wallet tracks companies that carry Trump family products in an on-going boycott, including companies that are OK to shop and companies that have been dropped from the boycott list.

Attend Your Congress People's Town Halls
  • Denny Heck posts his town halls on his Facebook page here.

Host or Join a House Party

These organizations provide kits, information packets and online resources to assist you in organizing or joining house parties:

Run for Political Office and Get Involved in Campaigns